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SELECT schedule.*,schedule.id AS id,schedule.start_time AS start_time,schedule.end_time AS end_time,date_format(schedule.start_time, '%Y-%m-%d') AS startDate,date_format(schedule.end_time, '%Y-%m-%d') AS endDate,date_format(schedule.end_time, '%H:%i') AS endTime,date_format(schedule.start_time, '%H:%i') AS startTime,date_format(schedule.end_time, '%H:%i') AS endTime,date_format(schedule.start_time, '%H') AS startHour,date_format(schedule.end_time, '%H') AS endHour,date_format(schedule.start_time, '%i') AS startMin,date_format(schedule.end_time, '%i') AS endMin,shop.id AS shopId,shop.name AS shopName,worker.*,worker.id AS workerId,worker.name AS workerName FROM schedule LEFT JOIN shop ON schedule.shop_id = shop.id LEFT JOIN worker ON schedule.worker_id = worker.id WHERE schedule.worker_id = AND sche_date = '2023-12-05'